HopefulShrimp :

My Story

I’m a regular guy, with regular guy goals and aspirations. I’m from Maryland currently living in northern New York. I have accomplished a lot in my short life that I do not give myself credit for. I’ve also failed A LOT along the way and I have learned from those successes and failures.

Here’s what I’ve done:

While you’ll never hear me brag about any of my accomplishments, I’d like for these accomplishments to be examples for others that small success can be big victories and that we should never belittle accomplishments because friends and family did not validate your actions. Positive action is progress.

I’ve done this with pure ambition and honesty in my heart. Sometimes I tried complicated methods and other times I took the simple route. I continue to find the best way (not the perfect way) to get things done based on my personal values and my strengths.

This is a journey and I try not to focus too much on the destinations. I hope you and I get to share in this journey together and we can share our best stories along the way.

Interesting fact: My mom still doesn’t know that I owned a business or appeared on CNN.