HopefulShrimp :

It’s Not About the Answers, It’s About the Better Questions

In the early years of a project I was putting together, I was doing my research on the central idea of traveling. Jason Silva had a great explanation of the idea here. This concept is important because it may be the root of why we self-sabotage ourselves whenever we are making progress in our lives. Now this is a short explanation about how minimalism has changed my life again.

In 2010, at the lowest point of my life, I turned to Buddhism. I identified with the focus oneself and the connection with nature, but I did not want to become a monk. I know I didn’t have to, so I tried to find philosophies that shared some of the things I identified with Buddhism. I found Zen Buddhism. But I’ve never been a great meditator, so in my journey to master that, I stumbled upon minimalism. Ultimately, I was able to let go of the feeling of a religious commitment and ultimately led to ask better questions about the things in my life.

Now in 2019, I understand why minimalism is misunderstood and has given me a sense of confidence I’ve never had. Minimalism has allowed me to shed the desire to have all the answers to things. The lesson minimalism taught me is to question what things add value to my life. But when I ask myself these questions, I have to remember that my answers may be influenced by my life history, experiences, and other people’s stories. So I try to go deeper to get to the actual root cause.

So, here I am, at a point in my life where I feel the most connected to the things I am doing, to the people I give my time to, and my own energy. I want to thank the minimalist internet society, The Minimalists, and Leo Babauta for sharing their thoughts, observations, and struggles in order to help me be a better person.

Struggles I Overcame

So this list was a lot longer than I anticipated, but it challenged me to dig up some beliefs that I didn’t think I had about myself or the things I did. Ultimately, I realized that a lot of those things didn’t add any value to my life and held me back as a person.

Struggles No More